Nitrile Surgical Glove

Nitrile surgical glove is prepared from 100% synthetic material such as Nitrile. This glove is completely powder-free and it is an ideal option to be safe from skin-sensitivity as it is prepared with a synthetic version of latex. Nitrile surgical gloves do not contain any kind of latex proteins. It provides best puncture resistance during sensitive applications. Due to having a long shelf life of almost 5 years it is very ideal for buying in huge numbers to get discounts and reasonable price rates. It is available in black and blue colour.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard Polymer composition provides 100% softness, which prevents skin-irritation widely.
  • Powder-free texture, best-in-class formula, high resistance power to chemicals and flexibility boost the application capability of this glove in diverse sensitive fields.
  • Specifically shaped with anatomical curves for careful touch during application. 
  • Highly comfortable and decreases the chances of hand fatigue during any lengthy application.


The coating of Nitrile surgical gloves is very effective in diverse medical operations for having best resistance capability. It is ideal for those applications where the medical and healthcare practitioners have to face needle sticks, as well as abrasions.

Our production team is highly committed to present non-allergic, synthetic fabric based nitrile surgical gloves to meet the needs of different medical applications in every possible way.