BECCA is committed to the mental wellness of all those affected, dedicated to supporting them so they can rekindle the light inside and rediscover a healthy and meaningful connection to the bigger light in the world around them. For this reason, BECCA Cosmetics UK has pledged to support Mental Health Mates (MHM), a network of peer support group, with financial funding as well as awareness driving initiatives. Founded by journalist, author and mental health advocate Bryony Gordon, MHM is an internationally recognized resource for anyone experiencing mental health challenges. MHM provides a healing environment but is not therapy. It is run by people who are not experts in mental illness, but who have endless experience in it. It is peer support at its finest.

In 2001, BECCA Cosmetics was founded in Perth, Australia with a mission to create effortlessly glowing complexion products for every skin type and colour. Inspired by that same ideal of glow and the heritage of Australia’s luminous light, we are focused on light as a point of difference: innovating award‐winning products that create illumination in all shapes, textures and forms. Committed to inclusivity, our shades range from the fairest to the deepest skin tones. Dedicated to the well‐being of all living things. BECCA Cosmetics is and always will be Cruelty‐Free and PETA Certified.


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